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Welcome to Our Tax & Law Factory!

You have been looking for a tax expert, a fiduciary, or a legal counsel. And here you are – at Müller Steuer & Rechtspraxis AG. Now you are wondering if we are right for each other. So let us therefore briefly introduce ourselves and our fields of expertise.

What exactly is Müller Steuer & Rechtspraxis – or MSRP in brief? Well, it’s a factory of sorts. A manufacturer of highly customized products. You are the client. And you can order the product you desire.

Customized Products

This can be a perfectly completed tax return, all correct and ready to be submitted to the tax authorities. Or it may be orderly annual financial statements – “orderly” in the full sense of the word, i.e. a neatly compiled folder containing all the required accounting details. Then again, you may simply be looking for an elegant overview of how your matrimonial assets would be split according to the applicable matrimonial property law.

Tax, Accounting, Law, and Financial Planning

Are you considering early retirement and therefore in need of a comprehensive overview of the financial consequences? Or would you like to legally and financially prepare for your passing by drafting a will and determining how your assets will be allocated in the event of death? For all these products – including comprehensive consultancy services – Müller Steuer & Rechtspraxis is the right place for you.

Fancy a Factory Tour?

We are proud of our company. And we are looking forward to getting to know you in person and showing you where we work.

Why Is MSRP a “Factory”? Some Words about the Metaphors Used on this Website

A factory – this presumably conjures up images of huge production halls, throbbing engines, harsh working conditions, and mass production. Whatever happened to the familial consulting boutique with its highly specialized individuals and its customized products?!? Your confusion is understandable. “Factory”, “production lines”, and “workforce” are not immediately recognized as metaphors. But this is exactly what they are – metaphors.

The word “factory” points towards the output-oriented nature of our work and the consistently high quality of our products. ”Production lines” stand for our clearly defined processes. And “workforce” underlines the equal importance of all MSRP staff members involved in these processes.
Last but not least, by using these metaphors, we show that while we take our work seriously, there is also a playful side to us.

The MSRP Principles

We Take Everything Personally

The personal service we deliver is paramount in creating the mutual trust on which long-term client relationships are based.

We Are Up-to-Date

Our commitment to continuous training and education ensures that we deliver high-quality consultancy services. We are members of EXPERTSuisse.

We Train Young Talents

As a company that trains commercial apprentices, we are actively promoting young professionals.

We Are Part of a Network

Through our cooperation with partners, we form a network of experts.

Taraxacum officinale Is Our “Power Plant”

Dandelion – The Symbol of Our Self-Perception

The dandelion visually integrates nature in our services. Our scope of work is local, national, and international – and our symbol, in its numerous forms of expression, is also present throughout the world.

Are you surprised to see the pictures and colors used on this website? They all draw their inspiration and energy from the dandelion, our “power plant”. For many years now, Müller Steuer & Rechtspraxis has closely associated itself with this medicinal plant. Common yet extraordinary, it blossoms in the most surprising places on this planet, both in urban and rural areas.

Three aspects or characteristics of the dandelion are particularly influential for our work:


Our strength stems from our qualifications, our skills, our core competencies, and our families, while dandelions also have strong roots that draw nourishment from the earth.

And just as the dandelion seeds alight on the soil and take root, our expertise and professionalism form the fertile ground in which our customer relationships, nourished by personal and cordial discussions based on mutual respect, can prosper and grow deep roots over the years .


We see ourselves as partners to our clients and as their link with the authorities. To fulfill these roles, we draw on the power of our knowledge, the strength of our experience, and the clarity of our communication.

Quite often, goals cannot be achieved quickly. We are like the dandelion in the perseverance with which we cultivate professional relationships in a straightforward and authentic way. This perseverance ensures continuity and security for our clients in tax, legal, and personal matters.


Just as the dandelion adapts to various environments, flexibility is one of our strengths. Every client has a different background and different preferences. Knowing these is key to providing the best consulting services possible.

And just as the dandelion overcomes obstacles in order to blossom in the most surprising places, we adjust readily to any changes in the tax and legal system, as we follow developments with curiosity and interest. And we swiftly implement the necessary changes in the solutions we offer you.

How We Came to Choose the Dandelion

At the beginning of 1995, our company specializing in tax and law was established under the name of Steuer- und Rechtspraxis Gaby J. Müller – with Iustitia, the Roman goddess of justice, adorning its letterhead.

Our tenth anniversary in 2005 was an opportunity for introspection. We realized that Iustitia – blindfolded, with a sword and scales – no longer adequately reflected the services we provided to our clients. This initiated a long and intense search process in which we were assisted by the corporate identity specialists of Musqueteers®.

Initially a spontaneous idea that emerged in this rebranding process, the dandelion gradually took center stage, and we finally chose it to be the symbol of our activities from spring 2006.

Our corporate design poster Corporate Design-Plakat visualizes the presence and influence of our power plant in our day-to-day work.

The dandelion illustrations on this website have evolved as our bond with it as our MSRP power plant continues. They are created by illustrator Martina Ott.


Further Images and Information in Our Blog

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