Get to Know Our Human Treasures

A Great Team for Great Clients

Who makes Müller Steuer & Rechtspraxis such an exciting and multifaceted place of work? It’s you, our client. It’s your challenging mandates that, time and again, provide us with the opportunity to prove our expertise and manufacture perfect products.

Our workforce is a team of highly motivated specialists. You will not find a reception hall in our company. Yet you will be promptly received by our Internal Services staff whenever you call or pass by, even without any prior appointment. Thanks to them, our production process is always smooth..

Lively Production Lines

In our production lines, fiduciaries, certified tax consultants, accountants, and lawyers work hand-in-hand and with a clear focus, processing your documents and inquiries.


Compelling Quality

The final product is then “packaged”, i.e. prepared to be handed over to you. At this stage, one last quality control is performed. Whatever leaves the gates of MSRP – be it in physical or digital form – must be technically accurate, logically structured, and visually appealing.

All this would not be possible without the effort of each and every one of our staff. Meet our staff here!

Regula B. Müller

Sarah Marinkovic

Brigitte Vogler

Theres Müller

Luc Chanson

Sarah Egli

Leonie Raffainer

Doris Meier

Laura Vogt

Andrea Fischer

Carla Zimmermann

Thushiya Singam

Fabio Gobba

Claudia Märki

Gaby J. Müller

Tara Xacum

Alisha Hoozemans

Nicole Attinger

Valentina Kläger
Mirko Agustoni
Our Corporate Culture

Why MSRP Is an Attractive Employer

In May 2018, the entire MSRP team came together in Romanshorn for a one-day workshop. In preparation, all employees had been asked to answer a series of questions on the positioning and culture of MSRP, including two questions on the attractiveness of Müller Steuer & Rechtspraxis AG as an employer. As you can read below, the answers were most gratifying.

What advantages does MSRP offer to potential employees?
  • Great variety of work
  • Fascinating mandates
  • Interesting and friendly clients
  • Good cooperation within a great team
  • Friendly work environment, cheerful atmosphere
  • Good location with appealing workspaces
  • Respectful leadership
  • Enriching learning environment and support for further education
What do you personally enjoy most with regard to your work?
  • Wide variety of tasks
  • Flexible working hours
  • Large amount of independence, also regarding work prioritization
  • Great team spirit
  • Sense of being highly appreciated
  • Continuous broadening of horizons and acquisition of new know-how
  • Contact with our clients!
Unsolicited Applications Welcome

Would You Like to Join MSRP??

There are currently no vacancies at Müller Steuer & Rechtspraxis AG.

However, unsolicited applications are always welcome – who knows, maybe we will create a position just for you, affording the current team some more flexibility?

Apply here!

Much Sought-After Commercial Apprenticeship Opportunity

We Train Young Talents!

Müller Steuer & Rechtspraxis AG also trains commercial apprentices.

Our qualified vocational trainers will ensure that, by the time you complete your apprenticeship, you will be able to decide for yourself into which field of specialization – internal, support, or fiduciary services – our “dandelion energy” should propel you.

We look forward to receiving your application!

“I like numbers –
and numbers like me!”


Fabio Gobba, MSRP