Wide and Deep, and Made to Measure

Our Range of Products

You are the client. And you can order the product you desire. In most cases, the issue with which you come to us will fall into one of the following areas of expertise:

Tax Services

Tax is understood to mean any type of levy, be it tax on income, on real estate gains, on inheritance, or gifts – or, quite simply, ticket tax charged on admission to an event.

Tax Returns
Preparation of tax returns for private individuals and legal entities resident or domiciled in any Swiss canton, including free deadline management

Fiscal Representation
Dealing with requirements put forward by tax authorities, preparation of objections/appeals, review of appraisals and assessments issued by tax authorities, review of tax bills, including preparation of requests for respite

Tax Ruling
Preparation of tax rulings

Voluntary Self-Disclosure and Supplementary Taxation
Preparation of voluntary self-disclosures, including review of supplementary tax assessments

Tax, Financial, and Retirement Planning
Advice on any type of decision affecting the fiscal and financial situation, with retirement provisions taken into special consideration

Double Taxation and Withholding Tax
Advice relating to, and application of, double taxation agreements (DTA), with special focus on Swiss/US DTA, consultancy services for expatriates/foreigners resident in Switzerland, and reclaiming of withholding tax from other countries

Inheritance and Gift Tax
Preparation of inheritance and gift tax returns

Real Estate Gains Tax
Preparation of real estate gains tax returns for any Swiss canton

Value-Added Tax
Preparation of VAT returns

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Fiduciary Services

We take care of much more than your accounting. Our fiduciary services also cover contracts and agreements in almost any field, the establishment of companies, succession planning, and social security.

Assistance with regard to accounting/office organization, ranging from filing systems to annual financial statements, performance of accounting tasks, preparation of annual accounts, drafting of minutes of general meetings, preparation of dividend distribution forms

Business Law and Code of Obligations
Establishment of companies/start-ups, drafting of contracts and agreements of any type, guidance on amending articles of association, mergers, liquidations, succession planning

Family Law
Preparation of matrimonial property agreements, calculation of matrimonial property, e.g. with regard to marriage, divorce, or death

Real Estate Law
Advice on the purchase, sale, and financing of real estate, preparation of contracts for the transfer of ownership

Social Security
Preparation of social security registrations/changes in registration, payroll accounting, salary declarations, support in social security issues when hiring new staff, pension planning (including application for Old Age and Survivors Insurance pension), general advice on social security issues

Start-ups and Self-Employment
Advice on self-employment issues


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Financial Planning

Financial planning covers everything relating to your current personal situation, e.g. matrimonial property and inheritance matters. Included is also the planning of, and preparation for, the time after your retirement.

Estate Planning
Advice on and assistance in estate planning

Matrimonial Property Law
Calculation of your financial situation under matrimonial property law, with regular updates

Financial Planning
Preparation of clear overviews of the development of your asset situation until death, taking into account income and asset accruals (payment of capital benefits from employee benefit funds and/or pillar 3a pension funds, cases of inheritance/contingent rights, etc.)

Complex Family Situations
Consultancy services in patchwork family situations

Succession Planning
Advice on business succession planning

Advance Care Directive
Assistance in preparing advance care directives

Estate Law
Preparation of wills and inheritance contracts, estate law calculation in the event of death, execution of wills

Administrative Matters
Assistance in dealing with the authorities, submission of forms, preparation of payments, filing of applications for social security contributions


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Rely on Our Expertise

We Are Detectives and Puzzle Solvers, Explorers and Analysts

Do you have any tax or legal issues? Leave them with us. We will map out the multiple dimensions of your case and apply our expertise in every possible direction – horizontally and vertically, crosswise and straight. We will dissect the facts and thoroughly analyze them until it becomes crystal clear what kind of product you need and what shape it should take.

Are you wondering about income and property tax implications? Rest assured – we will always provide you with the correct answer.


Besides, we also take other types of taxes into account, e.g. real estate gains tax, gift and inheritance taxes, withholding tax, and VAT. And, importantly, we cast an eye on social security implications too.

We also bear in mind any fees that may arise, as well as any implications under estate law. In short, we probe deeply.


With your help, we explore your situation until we have gained a complete picture. And then, when manufacturing the product you have ordered, we take every detail into account to ensure that the outcome is comprehensive in scope and fully in line with the facts.


This probably makes us detectives and puzzle solvers, explorers and analysts – and yes, that’s just the way we are!

The Larger and More Personal Context

Be it tax, fiduciary, or financial planning services –we always take international aspects into account as well. And we always include our clients’ personal situation in the picture. For us – just as for the dandelion – everything is embedded in a larger context.

A seed is sown, grows into a plant that blooms, bears fruit, then spreads its seeds and withdraws. Likewise, an apprentice’s salary grows into assets over time before turning into a pension and, one day, into an estate.

Once a year, I like to go visit Müller Steuer & Rechtspraxis. Everyone there knows my name. And I enjoy the busy atmosphere, the almost passionate ambiance.

M.S. from W.

My consultants are always well prepared. Very often, I receive guidance on issues that I had not considered myself at all. I really appreciate this kind of advice.


K.P. from Z.

I love coming to the MSRP office – there is always a warm welcome. Though my German is reasonable, I enjoy communicating in my mother-tongue and that the correspondence is issued in English.

C.F. from M.

You see –
with Müller Steuer & Rechtspraxis AG, you are in good hands.