Cooperation as a Driving Force

Benefit from Our Extensive Network

Whatever we do, we do it passionately. Yet we only want to perform those tasks ourselves that we can accomplish impeccably and, to stay with the dandelion imagery, in fields we are rooted in. Therefore, we closely cooperate with specialists in other areas of expertise – to your benefit.

We love analyzing every inquiry and every mandate, always exploring the wider context as well. For example, a self-employed person might contact us because of accounting or tax issues. However, in the course of tackling the problem we will, if necessary, also cast an eye on associated topics such as Old-Age- and Survivors’ Insurance (AHV) or staff-related matters.

Professional Reinforcement

Sometimes, we reach our technical limits, or we simply lack experience. In such cases, we activate our professional network to your benefit. Whenever we refer you to one of our trusted network partners, we can assure you of one thing: This person is just as passionate about their areas of expertise as we are about ours!


Pfister Treuhand AG

Consultive Revisions AG


Gondini A. Fravi

Frank Rutishauser

Wicki Partners AG, Balthasar Wicki

Various others depending on the area of specialization – just ask us.

US Taxes

Moore DM GmbH

Pilotage US Tax & Accounting
i.a. Ryan Larson

US Tax & Financial Services AG
i.a. Patrick Hoza

Sanders U.S. Tax services
Elena Sanders

Hitchcock and Partner GmbH
i.a. Matthew Hitchcock


Musqueteers GmbH – company for communication

Giorgia Müller – photography

NEXPERT AG – IT support


VTR Broker AG

Vaudoise Versicherungen, Gaby Angst

We can assure you: Our allies are just as passionate about their areas of expertise as we are about ours!